A Good Phase

Quite a lot has happened over the last few days.

I had both yoga and a dentist appointment on Tuesday, which was a lot for me! Luckily the dentist was all fine, although he’s worried about my one remaining wisdom tooth, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

On Thursday I had to go to the M.E. clinic at the hospital for a “group session” with other people who have the same disease. I never really enjoy them, and the last time I went it actually made me really upset and sent me into a bit of dark patch depression wise. So I was kind of dreading it. It wasn’t great, but I survived and it hasn’t made me feel too much more depressed than usual, which is a big relief. I think knowing what to expect helped a lot, and I’m feeling a bit better energy wise than the last time I had to go, so it made it easier to deal with.

Today I got to have some actual human interaction! Three of my friends came over to see me before they all go back to university this weekend. It was so great to see them, to chat and laugh and just have a good time. I hadn’t seen any of them in months.

Despite have a pretty busy week I don’t actually feel too bad, I’m definitely in a good phase at the moment. I just hope it lasts!  I hate that I’m just waiting for it to end, waiting for me to wake up one morning and not being able to get up. I want to believe that I’ll still feel good tomorrow, but history tells me I shouldn’t. I guess I’ll just have to try my best to think positively.

Dumbledore ❤

A while ago in a post I talked about a potential treatment that involved a course of fatty acid supplements. Well I decided to give it ago and I started today.

I have to take 4 tablets twice a day. I’ll report back and tell you how it goes, hopefully it’ll help.

Until next time. Rhosyn.


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