I left the house!

Something happened on Friday night that’s very rare for me. *Drumroll please*.

I actually left my house! I went outside! I spoke to real people, face to face!

Look! A house that’s not mine!

I know, crazy right! Before I left I was working out how long it had been since I’d go to a social event outside of my house, and realised it was a whole year… The last time I did was to go to the same event last year (it’s a friends birthday so it happens every year haha).

To say I was anxious beforehand is an understatement.  Not many of the people who I speak to regularly (and therefore feel completely comfortable around) were going to be there, but as soon as I got there and started talking I was fine. It was so nice to talk to actual people and get out of the house, I got to see and speak to people I hadn’t seen in years.

Obviously I’m seriously paying for it now. Yesterday wasn’t too bad I was just really really tired, but today is worse (the second day after overdoing it is always worse for me). I feel even more tired today, my limbs feel like lead, I can barely move them, typing this is probably a bad idea, but I really wanted to write this post today. I also have a headache and feel sick and dizzy.

I’m hoping that I at least feel slightly better tomorrow, because I have to go to the doctors for blood tests. They’re doing a quite a few, so they’ll probably take a fair few vials of blood, I’m sure that’ll help with my dizziness…not.

I’m going to cocoon myself in my duvet and go to sleep now.

Until next time. Rhosyn.


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