Just Not Right

The last few days have been slightly better, but still not great.

As opposed to having really intense nausea for short periods, I’ve had low level nausea constantly. I suppose this is better, because it is less limiting, but yesterday I also had a really bad headache so all in all the past two days have been a write off. I haven’t done anything.

I’ve felt really unsettled and anxious as well. I was trying to explain this to my mum yesterday. I don’t feel horrendous, I don’t feel really ill, I just do not feel right.

Luckily today is the first time all week that I’ve felt more like myself. I got dressed, I sat in the garden for 10 minutes, I read my book, I even sorted out another box of stuff in my room (only 2 left!) So all in all today has been a good day. I also went went a BIG online shopping spree, so it was definitely a good day! haha.

I decided to wear my serotonin necklace (i.e. the happiness molecule) today, in the hope that it raised my spirits. I think it worked!

I’m going to read some more of my book and then go to bed. I’m desperately trying to finish it before my birthday, because I’m getting lots of book as presents. I’m not sure I’ll manage it though.

Until next time. Rhosyn.


8 thoughts on “Just Not Right

  1. Necklace is beautiful though if I wore any jewellery it would have to be a caffeine molecule!

    Hang on in there. Peppermint essential oils is often touted as being good for nausea but I more often suggest spearmint to my clients because it has a gentler action. I also know that there isn’t a one size fits all solution to any of the problems associated with CFS so if you know my ideas don’t work for you, just ignore them!

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    • Thank you, actually I think they do do a caffeine one! haha.

      No, thank you so much for your advice! I think I’ll give spearmint oil a go, I drink a lot of mint tea, but I’ve never tried the essential oil before.


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