Breakspear Update – Initial Consultation

Hello there,

So I’m so sorry at how late this is, but I’m finally uploading my Breakspear update. This was supposed to go up on the weekend, but our wifi was down from Saturday morning to Tuesday evening, so I was completely offline once I’d used up all my data, which happened in under 12 hours! haha. Anyway, I’m back now so it’s all good.

In the video below I show and tell you everything that happened on the day of the initial consultation. If you have any questions please leave me a comment I will absolutely do my best to answer it.

Hope you like it, until next time.




All Ready To Go

Hello there,

So tomorrow is the day I’m leaving for Breakspear!

Me and my dad are driving to my Aunt, Uncle and cousin’s house to stay that night with them, then on Monday morning we’ll be driving to the hospital to have the appointment. It’s much easier this way, because the appointment itself is at 11am, which is really very early for me, and it would be too much to have to drive the 2 hours from my house to the hospital in the same day. I’m pretty much all packed, just got a few last minute bits to put in my case tomorrow.

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Catching Up

Hello there,

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything on here, 3 whole weeks in fact! The reason being is those weeks have been quite busy.


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