Breakspear Update – Initial Consultation

Hello there,

So I’m so sorry at how late this is, but I’m finally uploading my Breakspear update. This was supposed to go up on the weekend, but our wifi was down from Saturday morning to Tuesday evening, so I was completely offline once I’d used up all my data, which happened in under 12 hours! haha. Anyway, I’m back now so it’s all good.

In the video below I show and tell you everything that happened on the day of the initial consultation. If you have any questions please leave me a comment I will absolutely do my best to answer it.

Hope you like it, until next time.




3 thoughts on “Breakspear Update – Initial Consultation

  1. They recommend using scent free make-up so i try to wear as little as possible when I go and you can ask them to unlock the second door as well so you can fit through easily 🙂 they use different needles to the NHS that are finer so that may be why it wasn’t as bad as usual 🙂 also all the patients who are talking to each other probably don’t actually know each other, we just meet new people each time we are there and get chatting!

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    • Yeh, I don’t really wear much make up anyway, and the second time I went there, they were helpful with the doors 😊👍🏻 ahh ok, it’s just me being super shy then haha xxx


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