A Small Update

Hello there,

I know it’s been a long time, these last few weeks have been very intense, a lot has happened, much of which I’m not ready to talk about yet, but I will, I just need to work out how I feel about it first.

BUT…I do have an update of sorts. I recorded a video about when I went to Breakspear to have a “Baseline autonomic Index Test” done. I had a really amazing doctor, and overall it was a great experience.



Unfortunately the next couple of weeks doesn’t show any sign of being any easier, but after I get through them, things should start to slow down a little and I’ll be able to update you properly, until then, I hope you enjoy this video.

Until next time, Rhosyn.


7 thoughts on “A Small Update

  1. You’re a beautiful soul Rhosyn, don’t ever forget that. I know we haven’t been in full contact since secondary school (7 years, honestly don’t know where the time has gone!) but regardless of that, I just want you to know that you are an inspiration in my eyes. That probably sounds corny but I do mean it, you’re one of the strongest people I know and I have the upmost respect for you. ❤️

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  2. It’s wonderful that the doctor and the tests were able to validate what you’ve been feeling. Hopefully they will continue to better understand and diagnose what’s going on and then help you with some effective treatments! It’s probably exhausting to go through all the process, but I hope it continues to bring clarity and validation and hope! Thanks for sharing this with us. Wishing you well!

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