Treatment Update – Weeks 13 & 14

Hello there,

These last two weeks seemed to have lasted much longer than just fourteen days. I didn’t think it had been that busy, but when I was watching back my video, to remember all the things I’d done to write this post, it turned out I was wrong.


I had an appointment with my local me/cfs service, and although it was about as useful as you’d expect (i.e. not at all), they weren’t hostile to the idea of Breakspear and told me to keep in touch with them. So all in all, much more pleasant than my last hospital appointment. I also had a blood test, and I managed to see a couple of friends, which was so lovely.

Although this week was busy, and I count that as a good thing, because it means I was feeling well enough to do at least some things, it was very up and down. I did have some good days, that is true, but I also had some bad ones where all I did was spend my entire day curled up in bed watching Downton Abbey and feeling sorry for myself.

That’s something I’ve been noticing more and more, that my mental health is quite as unpredictable as my physical health, and that never used to the case, for either of them. I don’t see that as a bad thing though, because it means something is changing, and change is something I welcome with open arms.

I hope you enjoy the video, I’ll be back as soon as I can. I want to get back into writing again properly, not just when I have a new video to go along with it. Hopefully I’ll have the energy to do that soon.

Until next time, Rhosyn.


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