Treatment Update – Weeks 21 & 22


So I’m back with another treatment vlog! I haven’t been that busy these past two weeks, but the things I have been doing have taken a lot out of me.

It started off with me publishing a blog post all about my next stage of treatment, IV antibiotics!  The rest of the fortnight has been spent preparing for that, starting a new medication and having the flu jab, which always makes me feel extra ill, although it wasn’t as bad as last year which is good.

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Treatment Update -Weeks 19 & 20

Hello there,

These last two weeks have again been difficult. I’ve not had any appointments where I had to leave the house, which makes a change. However the combination of dealing with one herx after another and having to decide how best to treat my diabetes, after I was given two different suggestions, was really stressful and took it’s toll on me mentally.

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