Christmas & 2016 Reflections – Treatment Weeks 29 & 30

Hello there,

The last two weeks have definitely been the best in a while, and I managed to enjoy Christmas more than I expected, and certainly more than last year.

Although towards the end, my fatigue has increased. I didn’t mind too much though, because the novelty of being able to stay in bed when I needed to, as opposed to when I was Breakspear and couldn’t, hadn’t worn off yet.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave it at that because I’m not having a good day today, after an early morning appointment yesterday for blood tests.

I hope you enjoy the video, until next time.



Treatment Update – Weeks 27 & 28


Thankfully this video and accompanying blog post are of a slightly more positive nature than the last one.

My last week at Breakspear wasn’t as bad as the previous two, which was lucky as I’m not sure how I’d have survived it if it was. I was on antibiotics for my last week there, although when I got home I got a call to say my liver tests were really elevated again so I had to stop even the oral antibiotics. It’s all so frustrating this starting and stopping.

However it didn’t matter too much because I was just so happy to be home! I spent the first evening just grinning from ear to ear. Most of the next week was spent preparing for Christmas,my grandma was visiting, I saw some friends, but mostly it was just fantastic not to have to drag myself out of bed everyday to the hospital.

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