Major Herx & Enjoying The Sunshine – Treatment Weeks 43 & 44

Hello there,

This fortnight has not been that bad, I actually managed to make it out of the house!

I went to the garden centre, which was amazing, although very overwhelming because it was really sunny and really busy, so it was very bright and loud. Two things, which as a rule, I generally try and avoid. But really it was just great to get out somewhere that wasn’t a hospital or doctors surgery.

I also made it outside to sit in the garden, which was fantastic, because I’m pretty sure I didn’t do that at all last year. So that obviously shows progress. Unfortunately immediately afterwards I had a seriously major herx, that was actually quite scary, and took me a long time recover.

Actually on second thought it’s been kind of a strange two weeks because although I’ve done a couple of things that are really great, the rest of the days have pretty much been spent recovering and feeling kind of rubbish. So a bit of a mixed bag, but I’m still counting it as good because I made it outside…twice!

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Diabetic Eye Screening & Flowers 🌷 – Treatment Weeks 41 & 42

Hello there,

This fortnight, although I’ve had some rough days, generally it’s been pretty good.

Very excitingly I left the house for something that’s to medical related (a very rare occurrence), to buy some flowers for my mum for mothers day, and I even arranged them myself which went surprisingly well.

I also managed to go for my diabetic eye screening, despite feeling terrible, and it was much easier than I thought, so that was good. I think we can all agree that’s been a long time in coming! haha.

Hope you enjoy the video, and I’ll be back soon.

Until next time, Rhosyn.

New Medication & Some Good Days – Treatment Weeks 41 & 42

Hello there,

This fortnight got off to a rocky start, I think I actually experienced the worst nights sleep I’ve ever had, which is saying something considering how the last couple of months have been.

As the days went on though things actually got better and I had some good days! Greatly helped by the fact that I had an appointment with my doctor where I finally got prescribed an antiemetic. It’s helped so much, it’s just such a relief to be able to sleep and eat better, and just being able to do those two things has really contributed to the good days I’ve had.



So overall, a great improvement over the last month or so!

Until next time, Rhosyn.