First Infrared Sauna🌡& New PJ’s – Treatment Weeks 45 & 46

Hello everyone,

This fortnight has actually been really similar to the one before. I had a horrible herx, I managed to leave the house for something non-medical related (I went to visit my Dad at his open studio event), and then there were lots of days just spent recovering.

I got some new pyjamas, and I know other chronic illness warriors will understand how important it is the have nice pyjamas! haha. I also had my first experience of an infra red sauna! If you watched my last video, you will have seen that it got delivered at the end. I was really excited to try it, and it went really well, I go into lots of detail in the video about it. Hopefully it’ll be really good for me in the long run.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Until next time, Rhosyn.


Diabetic Eye Screening & Flowers 🌷 – Treatment Weeks 41 & 42

Hello there,

This fortnight, although I’ve had some rough days, generally it’s been pretty good.

Very excitingly I left the house for something that’s to medical related (a very rare occurrence), to buy some flowers for my mum for mothers day, and I even arranged them myself which went surprisingly well.

I also managed to go for my diabetic eye screening, despite feeling terrible, and it was much easier than I thought, so that was good. I think we can all agree that’s been a long time in coming! haha.

Hope you enjoy the video, and I’ll be back soon.

Until next time, Rhosyn.

4 things I’ve been loving in October

Hello there,

November…how did that happen? I have no idea.

Here are all the things I’ve been loving in the past month, enjoy!

1.) So the first thing on the list this month is an art print that I actually got for my birthday all the way back in June. I’ve only just got around to getting it framed, and so it’s finally up on my bedroom wall. I apologise for the bad picture quality, it’s in a really awkward place to take a photo of.

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5 things I’ve been loving in September

Hello there,

I can hardly believe it’s October. This really does mean summers over and the cold weather is on its way. I don’t mind so much though, I find it easier to be housebound when it’s cold outside than when it’s lovely and sunny. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on as much. Plus big cosy jumpers and hot water bottles! Am I right?

I know this is pretty late for a “favourites post”, but I’ve had such a busy few days that I’ve hardly had the time to think, let alone the energy! But it’s here now, better late than never right? So without further ado here are all the things I’ve been loving in September.

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8 things I’ve been loving in July and August

Hello there,

So this has been a long time coming! haha. I wasn’t well enough to write about my favourite things last month, so this a bumper edition. Enjoy!

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6 things I’ve been loving in May

So another month has been and gone (how is it June already??) so I thought I’d do another favourites post. I really enjoyed writing the last one and I hope you enjoyed reading it! haha.

1. A TV show that’s been a favourite for this month is an American show called The Affair. It stars Ruth Wilson (who I loved in Luther) and Domonic West (who I loved in The Hour). The show explores the emotional and psychological effects of the affair between these two characters, and the effects on their respective spouses and families. It is really addictive, there are only 10 episodes and I watched them all in a few days.

There are a couple of aspects which really set it apart from other dramas in a similar vein. For one, all the episodes are split into two halves, each of which is told from the point of view of Noah (Domonic West) and then Alison (Ruth Wilson). This is really interesting because they are recounting the same events, but details are slightly changed according to what each character remembers, such as who said what, what someone was wearing, or where certain events happened.

Another thing that makes it stand out is that the moment when people find out about the affair is not overdone. Usually in TV shows it all leads up to that moment, and once it’s done that’s it, but in this it’s just one small part, it’s much more about the relationships between all the characters.

Season 2 has just started filming, I’m already looking forward to it!


2. In terms of music this month I’ve really been enjoying the album 1000 forms of fear by Sia. This is music to belt out in the shower, or dance around your room to singing at the top of your voice. Unfortunately I can’t really do either of those things, but I’m still enjoying it a lot! haha. I would call it pop music, but it’s pop music with an edge, it’s very different to the blandness that you hear on the radio. I’m pretty sure Sia could sing anything and make it sound amazing, her voice is just out of this world.


3. I’ve got through quite a few books this month, but one really sits head and shoulders above the rest, and that’s “The Establishment – and how they get away with it” by Owen Jones. This book talks about the state of British politics, and how everything in our society is set up to defend the status quo, it focuses on the “evolution of the modern establishment” which happened post-WWII and particularly after Margret Thatcher came to power. Owen Jones describes himself as a socialist, and is often on Question Time and other discussion panels as the left wing voice. Don’t worry though, he criticises New Labour, not just the Tories, if you’re about to get annoyed about him being biased.

He systematically describes how lobbyists, MP’s, the media barons, the police, and the financial sectors only interest is to defend maintain their own power and control, and have little or no interest in helping the general public. I found the chapters on the police and benefit reform particularly disturbing.

I really can’t overstate the importance of this book, it deals with a particularly relevant subject matter, given the result of the recent election.  I think the best way to sum up how I feel after reading this is to use one of the quotes on the back. “Enlightened and angry”.

NB This book is only really relevant if you’re from the UK, although certain parallels can be drawn with the US.

4. You know sometimes you buy something and you think “how did I ever live without this?” Well that accurately describes how I feel about the next on this list. It’s a “V shaped orthopaedic support pillow”, the name makes it sound awful. In reality it’s just a curved pillow, but it has revolutionised my comfort in bed. If you’re chronically ill, and you have to spend an inordinate amount of time in bed, or if you need more support sitting on a sofa or chair then I highly recommend getting one of these.

This picture makes it look really small, it’s not! haha.

5. As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts my bedroom has been redecorated, I’ve moved back in now and I completely love it. The walls are white, and I’ve got a lovely green carpet, but one of my favourite things is my new curtains.

They don’t keep out much light, so I’ve got a blind as well, but I love the pattern so much. I specifically wanted my room to feel like I’m outside because I have to spend so much time indoors, hence why I got a green carpet, and these curtains definitely help the effect.

6. The last thing on my list is Dove Bath Cream. I have a lot of baths, it helps with my muscle and joint pain, and helps keep my anxiety down. I can’t use all those fancy glittery bath bombs you get in Lush because I have sensitive skin. I usually just use Simple bath products because I know they don’t aggravate my skin, and I’m always wary to try something else. My mum got me this because they’d run out of the one I usually have, but I think I’m going to keep using this one now. It doesn’t irritate my skin, or dry it out too much, which is perfect.


That’s all for the month of May, let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments. Until next time. Rhosyn.

6 things I’ve been loving in April

So I’m going to try something new in this post. Something that pretty much every blogger/vlogger in the entire world has done, but I never have. A favourites post. I know this is in no way original, but hey, it’s something new for me.

I found myself wanting to mention different things on different blog posts, and so I thought why not just put them all together. It’s just going to be a collection of things I’ve particularly been enjoying in the last month, whether they be clothes, books, music, makeup, or things that I’ve found have helped with my illnesses. It’s really a catch all. So…here are 6 things I’ve been loving in the last month.

1. The first thing is going to be music. I listen to a lot of music, if I’m not watching tv, I will have music on, I don’t like silence. I think because when I’m by myself all day, having music on makes me feel less alone. An album that I’ve been obsessed with for, probably well over a month, is the self-titled debut album by Hozier. You must have heard his song Take Me To Church, it’s been absolutely everywhere for well over a year. I’m always a bit reluctant to buy an album by someone who has had only one huge hit, it case that one song is the only good thing about the album, but I could not have been more wrong this time. There is not one weak song on this record, and I don’t say that very often, it takes a lot for me to love every song on an album. The combination of bluesy-jazzy guitar and his haunting vocals and lyrics make this an amazing listen. I’ve listened to it dozens of times, and not got bored, so I highly recommend it.


2. The second thing is going to be a book. I read as much as my energy levels will allow, and although I can’t read as fast or as much as I used to be able to, I still get through books fairly quickly. One that I absolutely sped through last month was The Magus by John Fowles. This was published in 1965, but I read the revised version published in 1977. It follows a young english graduate who goes to a remote Greek island to teach english and gets drawn into psychological illusions by an enigmatic elderly man, which become increasingly dark. Although this book was a really good read and kept me interested all the way through, it’s very complicated, and by the end there was so many twists and turns that it became kind of predictable in that fact, also felt the ending was somewhat unsatisfactory, but I would still recommend it.

3. Number 3 on this list is going to be a TV show. I watch a lot of TV…and I mean a lot! I’ve joked with a friend in the past how I seem to be trying to watch all the TV shows that have ever existed before I get better. The one that has been fulfilling my “binge watching” urge the past month is House Of Cards. I know I’m so late to the party, but boy am I glad to be here now. I’ve just started season 2 so no spoilers please! I’m sure the majority of you reading this will know all about House of Cards, but for those who don’t it’s a political drama centring around one man and his wife and their ruthless rise up the ranks of power. It’s pretty complicated, so I can’t binge watch it in quite the same ay as other shows, my brain needs a rest, but I’m still going through it pretty fast, and really enjoying it.

4. Next on the list is some new pyjamas I bought from ASOS. I’m sure other spoonies (people who fall under the Spoon Theory) will understand the need for lots of pyjamas, seeing as a lot of our time is spent wearing them. These ones are white with big black spots, they’re made of thin cotton, that’s really soft. I like them because they’re not too heavy or constricting.

5. Now the weather is warming up a bit, I’ve been wanting to sit outside more. I can only manage around 15 minutes, but it makes me feel so much better when I do it. So the next thing on this list is a chair, no idea where from, my dad bought it off the internet, but it’s really comfy, and I can recline in it if I want to. It’s also got head support which is essential for me if I’m going to sit in it for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

FYI I know our garden looks really grotty but thats because it’s being renovated at the moment! haha.

6. Last on this list is a makeup product. It is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer with anti-fatigue effect and radiant glow, all of which I desperately need. On the rare occasions when I leave the house I don’t have the energy to put on a lot of makeup, but I do need something thats going to cover my dark circles (which are quite impressive) and my many blemishes. Luckily this does all of those things, making me look slightly more presentable, and feel better about going outside as well.

So, there we are, I hope you enjoyed this new style of post. Please let me know what you think.

Until next time. Rhosyn.